The "Shaping the Future of Oral Health"workshop was designed to bring together people interested in increasing access to oral health among Texas citizens. Major goals were to identify the following and prioritize according to importance and feasibility:
(a) Current issues and problems regarding oral health education, health promotion, community preventive services, and oral health care in Texas at the individual and community levels.
(b) Strategies for addressing those problems.
(c) Infrastructure needs (e.g., agencies to be involved; necessary resources) to support the top-priority strategies.

We attempted to do so through a process involving plenary sessions followed by structured discussion groups. Please help us evaluate the workshop by providing comments to the questions below.
(1) Based on the goals listed above, what were the strengths of the workshop planning process for achieving these goals?
(2) What were the weaknesses of the workshop planning process? What could have been done differently to make the process more effective?
(3) What positive steps were accomplished at the workshop?
(4) What had you hoped would be accomplished that was not?
(5) Please give us any other comments you have in the space provided below.

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