The Department of Community Dentistry, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio was contracted in 2000 - 2001 by the Bureau of Health Professions, Health and Human Resources Administration (HRSA) to:
Develop a strategic plan for establishing a viable community oral health infrastructure in the State of Texas
Develop community oral health professional education, training, and leadership opportunities in Texas and
Enhance dental public health and community health accessibility to the underserved and disadvantaged Texans.

The HRSA strategies to be addressed in this project included:
Integrated Systems: Design, develop and sustain integrated, comprehensive systems of oral health care for underserved, vulnerable, and special needs populations
Capacity Building: Identify health infrastructure needs, facilitate the development of the oral health infrastructure resources in addition to technical assistance and training, and assure its maintenance
Partnerships: Enhance and sustain collaborative private partnerships with federal agencies, State and local governments, voluntary and philanthropic organizations, and the private sector, to maximize program results
Service Delivery: Support oral health and medical care services delivery through partnerships or direst care delivery that targets areas of unmet need

This project is considered as a pilot program to begin addressing the training issues and continuing dental/medical education issues demonstrating solutions to specific oral health issues. Both the state of Texas and Illinois were selected to act as "Model State Programs" to participate in the project. The project called for the development and implementation of a workshop inviting approximately 30 key stakeholders throughout Texas who would participate in developing an infrastructure in Texas to address oral health Issues. The initial workplan timeline for development of the workshop was presented to Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr), Health and Human Resources Administration (HRSA) in December 2000. In January 2001 a Planning Work Group was selected and invited to attend two meetings and provide input into the organization and activities of the workshop.

Work Plan: The Texas Initiative for Dental Public / Community Oral Health Infrastructure Development
Dec. 2000 - Sept. 2001
• Initial Conference call with GPO 12-5-00

• Reviewing Information
1. Current status of issues in Texas
2. Oral Health Issues addressed in other states

• Initial discussions
1. Leaders of similar efforts (ND, NC, Illinois, New Eng. States)
2. HRSA Regional Dental Consultant
3. TDH
- Oral Health
- Rural
- Other

• Submit work plan to BHPr
• Select and contact individuals to work as the planning committee

• Select a facilitator -

• Prepare draft of workshop goals, workshop agenda

• Planning committee (incl. facilitator)

• Input from Planning Commiittee
1. Workshop goals
2. Agenda
3. List of attendees
4. Select background materials

• Initial planning of workshop logistics
• Conference call with GPO (regarding project progress on partnership)

• Finalize
1. Workshop goals
2. Workshop agenda
3. Attendees list
4. Background materials

• Local workshop logistics
1. Accomodations
2. Travel arrangements
3. Prepare Invites / RSVP

• Submit list of invited stakeholders to BrHP 2-28-00

• Submit meeting agenda to BHPr 2-28-00

• Invite attendees

• Review responses RSVP (select alternates)

• Mail backgroud materials

• Follow up on conference logistics

• Coordinate with travel agency / transportation
• Finalize Logistics (ongoing coordination of arrangements)

• Confirm attendees

• Prepare workshop handouts, worksheets, nametags, etc.

• Planning comittee meeting to discuss workshop details.
• Conference (tentative dates Thurs. May 31st - Fri. June 1st 2001)

• Workshop process evaluation by facilitator

• Compile information for developing report

• Prepare and circulate preliminary report to planning committee
• Write draft report
• Submit draft report to BHPr 8-1-01
• Receive feedback from contracting agency by 8-15-01
• Prepare final report
• Submit final report by 9-30-01

Planning Sessions

The Planning Work Group consisted of 11 members representing the public, private and nonprofit sectors with a keen interest in improving oral health and reducing the oral health disparities in Texas. The work group participants (add list at end of section) were responsible for providing input on the focus of the workshop, the invited workshop participants and the background materials for the workshop. The workshop was to be developed to enhance ongoing local, state, and national activities such as:
The National Governors Association (NGA) Oral health Policy Academy Initiative
Healthy People 2010 Oral Health Objectives
Surgeon General's Report, Oral Health in America, A Report of the Surgeon General
American Dental Association Future of Dentistry Initiative
Texas Department of Health Strategic Plan
Final Report, Review of the Texas Oral Health Program by the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors

The two planning meetings were held in San Antonio, the first in February 2001 and the second in April 2001. Members received selected background materials and worksheets to review before attending each meeting. At the initial meeting the attendees selected and statewide oral issues that related to oral health care access for populations in Texas. Many issues were discussed and prioritized during the first meeting. At the completion of the meeting three issues were selected to be addressed at the Workshop:
Professional Education,
Legislation and Public Policy, and
Community Based Coalitions.

The second planning session scheduled April 6, 2001, was held to finalize the focus of the workshop issues and agenda. Worksheets, small group questions as well as the workshop format were reviewed and finalized. Successful model strategies were presented and shared with the members. Background materials related to the issues were selected and would be forwarded to the invitees of the workshop.