Participants, Agenda, and Processes
The workshop began on Wednesday evening May 31, 2001 at 7:00 p.m. with an overview and orientation provided by Dr. John Brown, Chair of the Department of Community Dentistry, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (See Appendix A Workshop Agenda and Appendix B for Participant List).

Thirty eight participants attended the Opening Session which was held on Thursday June 1, 2001 with a welcome from Dr. Leonard Lawrence, Associate Dean for Student Affairs Medical and Dental Schools, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Dr. Lawrence emphasized the relationship of oral health to general health and challenged all of the participants to collaborate together to meet the important needs of children and adolescents in Texas

The workshop agenda followed a format of plenary sessions with speakers presenting on specific topics followed by three work groups meeting to
Prioritize strategic areas,
Develop strategies and
Identify infrastructure needs.
The Appendix C provides a summary of each plenary session presentation.

The first plenary session, National and State Oral Health Status and Access consisted of three presentations:
National and State Perspectives :Oral Health Status and Access
Robert Sappington DMD, MPH
Texas Perspectives on Oral Health Status and Access Issues for Adults
Carolyn Marshall MPH, PhD
Texas Perspectives on Status and Oral Health of Children
John P. Brown, BDS, PhD

Upon completion of the first plenary presentations the first work group session was held and issues in Texas were prioritized by participants within the three groups:
Education of the Workforce,
Legislation and Policy Development, and
Community Based Actions through Collaboration and Advocacy.
See the Workshop Blueprint to review prioritized issues identified by the three groups

The second plenary session, Strategies to Improve Oral Health: Legislative, Policy, Advocacy and Community Collaboration included two presentations:
Legislative Strategies Developed in Other Initiatives for Oral Health James Crall, DDS, ScD
Making Change Happen: Lessons for Advocates Kay Johnson, MPH, Ed

Upon completion of the second plenary session, the work groups met and developed strategies to address the three priority issues identified in session one. See the Workshop Blueprint to review the strategies developed by the work groups.

The third plenary session, Building Infrastructure to Address Oral Health Needs for Children and Adults at the State and Local Level had one speaker:
Infrastructure: The Critical Core to Address Oral Health for Children and Adults Kathleen Mangskau, RDH, MPA

Upon completion of the presentation the three work groups once again met to identify infrastructure needs for the access to health care issues selected by their group. See the Workshop Blueprint to review the infrastructure needs that were identified by the work groups.